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Active Energy Management for buildings

Active Energy Management (AEM) engages and motivates people to use energy data, make operational changes and learn energy conservation behaviors to achieve greater levels of energy savings in buildings.

Facility managers and building energy champions are the primary audience for AEM training. They, in turn, can engage building occupants in energy-saving efforts.

CLEER’s proven Active Energy Management training can typically reduce energy use by 15 percent in buildings where staff and occupants are actively engaged. Several facilities using CLEER’s AEM principles are saving 25 to 40 percent with no capital investment in HVAC equipment.

CLEER’s Active Energy Management process

  • Conduct a building walk-through and interview with the facility manager to understand building operations and occupants’ needs.

  • Develop a proposal for the most cost-effective options for employing the Building Energy Navigator.

  • Produce a report with recommendations for no-cost and low-cost upgrades, operational changes, and building control adjustments. This information helps facility managers use building energy data find opportunities and take action to achieve near-term savings.

  • CLEER may also recommend a deeper level analysis. We work closely with a network of engineering professionals, and can help you determine the next step for building diagnosis.

  • Facilitate a building conservation plan, written in collaboration with the facility manager and building occupants. These plans include conservation actions for occupants, such as eliminating personal refrigerators and under-desk heaters, closing blinds on summer days and winter nights, turning off lights in unoccupied rooms, and using power strips to turn off electronics during non-work hours.

  • Provide ongoing technical assistance for the facility manager team. This could include advising on spikes in energy data, planning for equipment replacement with high-efficiency models, or fine-tuning building controls.

CLEER’s recommended approach is to combine use of the Building Energy Navigator with Active Energy Management consulting services. Every building and facility is different. CLEER’s team of experts can help facility managers use the power of data and on-site technical assistance to maximize energy savings and deliver verifiable results.

A complete description of CLEER’s Active Energy Management service is available on request. Please contact CLEER at (970) 704-9200 or

Learn how access to
15-minute data empowers leaders
and drives big results

CLEER's Building Energy Navigator and Active Energy Management consulting unlocks low-cost energy savings. CLEER's 9-step plan puts large buildings on track for cost savings, efficient operations and improved comfort.

1. Create an energy leadership team
2. Set an energy policy
3. Empower staff to find energy waste
4. Use data and the knowledge of occupants to start with no-cost adjustments and low-cost upgrades
5. Dig deeper in the data to identify building performance problems and plan solutions.
6. Carry out efficiency upgrades. Prioritize projects with high return on investment and eligibility for utility incentives.
7. Use the Navigator for next-day verification of improvements and comparisons to previous time periods.
8. Celebrate the results: report to decision-makers, publish a case study, tap savings for other uses.
9. Repeat. Review Navigator data routinely and continue looking for savings opportunities.

Learn more about CLEER's unique and affordable Building Energy Navigator.