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Glenwood Springs Electric Sustainability Program

Glenwood Springs ElectricThe Glenwood Springs Electric Sustainability Program serves residential and commercial customers of the city's locally-owned municipal electric utility. The utility has been operating as part of the city government since 19XX. Today it serves 6,000 customers within the city limits and extending outward to No Name and up Four Mile to Deadman's Curve.

The Glenwood Springs Sustainability Program is designed to provide free energy coaching and rebates to residential and commercial customers, with the aim of lowering electrical demand.

CLEER’s trained energy coaches provide free assistance to households to help them learn about energy saving options, work with contractors, maximize incentives, and find financing for their projects. Residents are encouraged to start with an EnergySmart Colorado home energy assessment. Glenwood Springs Electric also offers direct rebates for the purchase of energy-efficient refrigerators, dishwashers and clothes washers.

CLEER's energy coaches provide free building walk-throughs for commercial properties to assess potential electrical savings. Key targets are outdated lighting and refrigeration equipment, cooling systems, motors and controls. Coaches also help business and commercial proprty owners, including multi-family housing, to work with contractors and maximize incentives.

In 2013, the program expanded to include a special rebate offer for the purchase of LED lightbulbs. As LED bulb options have become more varied and prices have come down, LEDs are seen as the lighting mode of the present and the future, with low energy use and very long bulb life.

The program continues to provide rebates for customers who install solar PV energy systems. By 2014, forward-thinking customers have installed more than 200 kilowatts of solar electrical generation capacity, including a bank and two auto dealerships.

How CLEER helped Glenwood Springs Electric launch its Sustainability Program

In 2008, CLEER helped local governments throughout Garfield County join together to apply for the State of Colorado's New Energy Communities Initiative. Local match money was required, and Glenwood Springs Electric was a major contributor.

This funding was used to provide rebates to Glenwood Springs Electric customers who wanted to install solar PV systems on their homes and businesses. The program was so popular that lotteries had to be held to determine rebate recipients.

Funding was also used to make a bulk purchase of 10,000 CFL lightbulbs, which were given away in pairs to households and commercial customers.

As the Garfield New Energy Communities Initiative transitioned to Garfield Clean Energy in 2011, Glenwood Springs Electric asked CLEER to continue managing a sustainability program for city electric customers. That program continues today.

Don Gerbaz with the solar array at Berthod Motors in Glenwood Springs