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The Orchard used high efficiency lighting for the congregation's sanctuary

The clean energy economy in communities

CLEER helps communities save energy and build a clean energy economy by using a proven set of tools. Our approach knits together local governments, schools, businesses, community organizations and households into a cohesive effort and united partnership.

We build demand for energy efficiency upgrades and renewable energy in order to help organizations and families save money on utility costs. At the same time, these projects boost business for contractors and materials suppliers. We use data to track results, and we use success stories to inspire more participation.

CLEER developed and is successfully managing community clean energy programs for Garfield Clean Energy, Glenwood Springs Electric and the Town of Carbondale. These organizations are using CLEER’s diverse team of clean energy experts to achieve their energy and climate targets, and to build a secure clean energy economy.

This is a summary of the CLEER approach to building a clean energy economy in communities:

  • Conduct an energy inventory of electric, natural gas and petroleum usage, setting a baseline.
  • Work with policy makers and community members to set energy efficiency and economic development targets.
  • Using the power of Salesforce, build a database of energy upgrades that produces customized reports to prove economic and energy benefits.
  • Use the Building Energy Navigator website as a public accountability tool that displays energy use, energy spending and renewable energy generation, and demonstrates progress toward lowering greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Use CLEER’s Building Energy Navigator and Active Energy Management consulting to help large public buildings save energy and improve workplace comfort.
  • Host trainings and roundtables for facility managers to discuss energy efficiency in daily and seasonal operations and update their skills for managing building and facility controls.
  • Help governments plan renewable energy projects to offset electric use and high demand charges.
  • Offer a one-stop-shop website, creative outreach and person-to-person energy coaching. Using this direct approach, people get help to learn about energy saving options, work with contractors, maximize incentives, and find financing for their projects.
  • Publish contractor listings for easy access to companies offering clean energy products and services in the area.
  • Host training events and trade shows for contractors to learn about available incentives and financing programs for their customers, and to learn about advances in equipment technology.
  • Energy savings that lower utility bills and buffer against rising energy costs
  • Better workplace and home comfort
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions and progress toward sustainability goals
  • Economic development for clean energy businesses

CLEER community
clean energy programs

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