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Matthew Shmigelsky with CNG truck at Roaring Fork Co-Op

The CLEER Team

Matthew Shmigelsky, Energy Coach

Matthew Shmigelsky, at left in the photo above, provides energy coaching services for large building, commercial and residential clients, and provides professional expertise and coaching for clean transportation and renewable energy projects.

Buildings: Matthew is a BPI-certified building analyst. He performs commercial building walkthroughs and residential building assessments, assisting owners with efficiency retrofits and upgrades. Additional, he coaches clients on available financing and utility incentives. Matthew supports active energy management projects with large building clients and assist them in employing CLEER’s Building Energy Navigator to unlock energy savings and improve the bottom line.

Renewable Energy: Matthew spearheaded efforts to facilitate installation of utility scale solar projects totaling over 1 MW in 2014 for local governments in Garfield County. He provides coaching services to government and private sector clients to identify viable financing mechanisms for renewable energy projects. Matthew follows policy and incentive updates in hydropower and wind for potential deployment within the agricultural community.

Transportation: Matthew developed and led the EV Rally of the Rockies event in 2014, highlighting the connection of public-access electric vehicle charging infrastructure on the Western Slope. Matthew leads on-the-ground efforts as a fleet coach through the Refuel Colorado Fleets program in 10 Western Slope counties in support of deployment of compressed natural gas, propane and electric vehicles for public and private fleets.

Prior to joining CLEER in 2013, Matthew worked with quasi-governmental agencies and management of mixed use buildings with Beach Resource Management from 2007 through 2012. He oversaw operations of the Holland Hills Metropolitan District, buildings at the Willits Development and managed diverse projects, including a forest health initiative on 40 acres of conserved land at the FiveTrees Metropolitan District and a water distribution efficiency audit at Buttermilk Metro District.

He previously worked with Sol Energy and Aspen Solar in solar hot water and photovoltaic installation. He completed courses in solar hot water, solar photovoltaic, wind design and installation, and hydro design and installation through Solar Energy International.

Matthew holds a B.S. in International Business Administration from Missouri State University and is currently completing certification coursework at Colorado Mountain College in Natural Resource Management/Hydrology & Sustainability.

Matthew lives in a self-built super-efficient tiny house in Carbondale with his son, Aidan. He enjoys cycling, hiking, organic gardening and mushroom hunting in his spare time. 

CLEER projects

Garfield Clean Energy Collaborative contracts with CLEER to provide programs and services across Garfield County. Garfield Clean Energy is the state’s first clean energy authority, joining together 10 local government partners. It works on energy efficiency and renewable energy for governments, businesses and households throughout Garfield County. Visit the Garfield Clean Energy website.

The Western Slope CNG Collaborative is a project of Garfield Clean Energy. This effort works to expand use of compressed natural gas (CNG) as a transportation fuel by providing an information-sharing network and advocacy for fuel providers, auto dealers and vehicle drivers, particularly fleets. Visit the Western Slope CNG webpage.

The Colorado Energy Office contracts with CLEER to manage the Refuel Colorado Fleets program. CLEER provided the inspiration for this project by applying its successful model of energy coaching to work with fleets. Refuel statewide program working to build market demand for alternative fuels among government and private sector fleets. Visit the Refuel Colorado Fleets webpage.