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Children on bicycles

Active transportation and trails 

CLEER supports active transportation as a healthy and environmentally friendly way of getting around. Bicycling and walking promote good health, and human-powered transportation produces no harmful emissions.

CLEER also supports safe routes for bicycle and pedestrian travel within and between communities. Sketchy routes are often the most common barrier to people using active transportation. We work with communities to increase safe ways for children and adults to travel within their communities on foot and by bicycle, and advocate for regional trails that allow recreational and commuter cycling.

CLEER’s founder and executive director, Alice H. Laird, is the former director of the New Century Transportation Foundation. NCTF served as an educational and fundraising resource for clean energy transportation in the Roaring Fork Valley, working closely with the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority (RFTA). It mobilized more than $800,000 in funding for RFTA to complete the Rio Grande Trail from Glenwood Springs to Aspen. The trail is now a popular tourism draw, complementing other recreational cycling trails in the region.

In its work for Garfield Clean Energy, CLEER manages the annual Bike and Walk to School Challenge. The event challenges students to get to and from school by walking, riding a bicycle, riding the bus or carpooling, instead of traveling in the family car. Over the years, this event has involved thousands of students at schools from Parachute to Carbondale. They have earned prize money for their schools to fund installation and upgrades to playground and physical education equipment. Visit the Bike and Walk to School Challenge webpage.

Observations from the 2014
Bike and Walk to School Challenge

“I noticed a distinct decrease in vehicular traffic around town the past couple of afternoons. It's a phenomenon I've noted before on days that we have school but the other schools don't. It's amazing how much car traffic is generated by kids getting to and from school."

-- Mike Mines, teacher and bus driver at Carbondale Community School

“It is important to me and my husband to instill in our kids that the car is not the only form of transportation available to them. The Bike and Walk to School Challenge is the perfect way to get them on board.”

-- Katie Laven, Glenwood Springs, Sopris Elementary School parent