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Refuel Colorado Fleets Rolling Tour in Parachute

Refuel Colorado Fleets

The Colorado Energy Office and BCS Inc. contract with CLEER to provide free fleet energy coaching through the Refuel Colorado Fleets program. CLEER provided the inspiration for this project by suggesting that its successful model of energy coaching could be applied to work with fleets.

Refuel Colorado Fleets launched in July 2013 with the announcement of nine pilot communities across Colorado. In 2014, the program expanded to 14 counties. In 2015, the program expanded to cover the entire state of Colorado.

Free fleet coaching for government and private sector fleets

Business and government fleets

  • Analyze existing vehicle fleets.
  • Identify opportunities for replacement with alternative fuel vehicles.
  • Calculate total life-cycle cost savings.
  • Match fleets with tax credits or vehicle funding sources.

Auto dealers:

  • Stock and sell alt-fuel vehicles.
  • Offer servicing for alt-fuel vehicles.
  • Present a compelling business case to customers for purchasing alt-fuel vehicles.

Business and government leaders:

  • Understand and promote the multi-bottom-line advantage of switching
    to alternative fuels:
    • Financial: Lower fuel and maintenance costs
    • Environmental: Cleaner fuels
    • Economic Development: Jobs
    • Energy Security: Domestic energy source

Refuel Colorado Fleets toolbox

The Colorado Energy Office Refuel Colorado webpage, packed with information about alternative fuels in Colorado

The U.S. Department of Energy Alternative Fuels Data Center. Station locators, extensive information on vehicles and fuels.

Refuel Colorado Fleets

Refuel Colorado Fleets energy coaches
are working to build market demand for vehicles powered by Colorado-produced alternative fuels, including electricity, natural gas and propane.

Refuel Colorado Fleets territories

Western Colorado
Matt Shmigelsky, CLEER
(970) 704-9200

Northern Colorado
Maria Eisemann, Northern Colorado Clean Cities, (970) 988-2996

Metropolitan Denver and Summit County
Tyler Svitak, Denver Metro Clean Cities, (303) 847-0281

Janna West-Heiss, Denver Metro Clean Cities, (303) 847-0276

Eastern Colorado
Kyle Lisek, Southern Colorado Clean Cities, (303) 847-0271

Southern Colorado
Aaron Lopez,
South Central Council of Governments, (719) 845-1133 ext. 217