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Hybrid cars

Vehicle efficiency

Transportation accounts for about 40 percent of total use of fossil fuels in the United States. We have many opportunities to reduce petroleum consumption through better driving, vehicle maintenance, and purchasing modern, fuel-efficient vehicles when the time comes.

CLEER works with communities and fleets to help them learn about advances in clean vehicle technology and what they can do to make the vehicles they own today operate as efficiently as possible.

In its work for Garfield Clean Energy, CLEER created a section on the Garfield Clean Energy website that offers many useful tips on personal fuel economy, including driving habits and vehicle maintenance. Visit the Garfield Clean Energy website to learn more.

Quick tips for vehicle efficiency

Drive sensibly. Avoid aggressive driving and rapid stops: save 5 to 33%

Observe the speed limit. Every 5 mph increment over 60 mph burns roughly 7% more fuel

Clean out your car. Every 100 pounds removed from your trunk saves you 2%

Remove ski & bike racks in the off season. Roof racks can reduce mileage by 5 to 20%

Avoid idling. Idling vehicles get 0 mpg. Turn off the engine every time you park