CLEER offers consulting services to local governments, school districts, utilities and other entities seeking to cut their energy consumption or create programs to do so.

We can assist with:

Buildings and facilities

CLEER staff work with facility managers and decision-makers to plan and implement energy-efficient new construction, efficiency upgrades, operational improvements and renewable energy systems. Our work covers large institutional facilities ranging from town halls to water and wastewater treatment plants, as well as organization-wide operations. Please contact CLEER Buildings Specialist Heidi McCullough.

Fleets, transit and active transportation

CLEER helps clients address many types of transportation-related energy use. We work with fleet managers, transit systems, electric vehicles and public charging facilities, as well as campaigns that encourage walking and bicycling and safe travel routes for pedestrians and cyclists. Please contact CLEER Clean Energy Program Coordinator Martin Bonzi.

Solar energy planning and development

Our staff assist site owners and utilities in assessing solar potential, navigating permitting processes, evaluating technologies and pricing, and accessing financing and rebates.