The future is electric – talk to us about technology, rebates and more!

The future is electric, and your home or business will be at the center of it.

Heating, cooling and hot water will be supplied by heat pumps. You’ll cook with electricity too, eliminating unhealthy combustion emissions. Your vehicle will plug into a home charging port rather than filling up at a gas station. The electricity to power everything in the home will come from a 100% carbon-free grid, if not from solar panels on your roof.

Your building will be climate-friendlier, healthier and cheaper to operate.

Our friends at CORE have a great Path to Zero page that explains home electrification.

You don’t have to make the transition all at once, but it’s a good idea to start planning for it now. Sign up for free energy coaching to help you decide what’s most cost-effective for your situation:


CLEER manages the programs of Garfield Clean Energy and contracts with the town of Carbondale to help it reach its climate goals.

CLEER’s energy coaches are here to help you make smart decisions about making energy efficiency upgrades to your home. Get free advice on:

  • Technologies like heat pumps, induction stoves, EV chargers, rooftop solar and battery storage
  • Rebates to lower your costs (FYI, some big ones are due to end Dec. 31!)
  • Other forms of financial aid for income-qualified households (get on our ReEnergize list for 2023!)
  • Priorities and sequencing (hint: start with a home energy assessment!)

Maybe you’re ready to go full net-zero now – talk to us first! We can help you plan the transition, tap into funding and find contractors.

Maybe you’re thinking ahead and wondering if you should replace your aging water heater or furnace with a heat-pump system – talk to us about your options!

Or maybe going electric seems totally out of reach right now – that’s OK! But talk to us about home weatherization, which is usually the most cost-effective measure and therefore the best place to start anyway. (Plus, there’s a ton of financial aid available for it.)

Whatever your situation, we’re here to help!