CLEER was founded in 2008 with the goal of challenging its region to become a clean-energy leader.

The nature of the region – largely rural, working class and conservative, with an economy highly dependent on oil and gas production – made the feat all the more audacious, and all the more impactful.

Since then, we have achieved impressive, tangible results on multiple fronts.

Starting in our home turf of Garfield County, and expanding outward, we’ve developed a toolkit of energy-saving programs, barrier-busting techniques and culture-shifting strategies to achieve a major, enduring shift in the region’s energy economy.

By focusing on three key leverage points – energy use in buildings, alternative transportation fuels and renewable energy installations – we’ve substantially increased energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions.

CLEER has:

  • Saved taxpayers, businesses, schools, libraries, homeowners and renters money.
  • Helped low-income residents lower their bills and live more comfortably.
  • Created jobs and increased community investment.
  • Brought communities together to embrace clean energy as a path to economic development and diversification.

Having demonstrated the power of this model, we’re now eager to start transplanting it to other areas.

CLEER’s Impact: By the Numbers

Figures are totals for 2008-2021, attributable to projects in which CLEER has been involved.


CLEER’s work in Garfield County has produced impressive energy savings, emissions reductions and economic benefit – not to mention a transferable toolkit of programs, techniques and messaging.

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CLEER’s programs have enabled thousands of people to lower their energy costs, make their homes safer and more comfortable, and make their businesses more profitable.

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Climate change requires us to think globally and act locally. In the past eight years, CLEER has inspired, challenged, coached and organized its region to be an active part of the solution.

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CLEER has spent the past decade working for that better world locally. Now, we see incredible potential to leverage what we’ve achieved here to make other places better, too, while achieving greenhouse-gas reductions on a much greater scale.

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Having demonstrated the power of this model, we’re now eager to start transplanting it to other areas.