Today’s renewable energy technology is reliable and cost-effective, and electric utilities nationwide are developing large-scale renewable energy projects. 

mW / year in Colorado

Utility customers can accelerate that transition, and reach their own clean energy goals more quickly, by investing in local renewable energy generation. Renewable energy is an essential component for reaching zero-net-carbon in buildings and facilities.

Affordable renewable energy options include owner-financed on-site solar arrays, power purchase agreements for on-site solar, community solar arrays, and contracts for utility-owned solar arrays and wind farms.


CLEER’s team of renewable energy experts helps households, businesses and governments assess their options and make smart investments in renewable energy.

Our renewable energy services include:

  • Consulting, offered through community-based programs, for households and businesses seeking to use renewable energy.
  • Organizing educational workshops on renewable energy options.
  • Direct consulting with large organizations on technical and financial options for scalable renewable energy.
  • Providing an independent review of contracts for on-site solar, power purchase agreements (PPAs), community solar, including analysis of projected savings.
  • Identifying available grants, financing and rebates, and assisting with applications.

Building Energy Navigator

Access to quality renewable energy data is an essential tool. CLEER’s Building Energy Navigator can help your organization track its renewable energy production, illustrating the “solar offset” compared to building energy use.