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The Shift – Sept 2022

By September 22, 2022October 18th, 2022No Comments

Your bimonthly roundup of news
about moving beyond diesel

If you’re thinking about upgrading your fleet, remember that we make grants of up to 45% of the project costs for replacing certain types of diesel-powered vehicles and equipment with newer, cleaner, technologies. Full info is at our website.

McLane signs on for three electric yard trucks

Food service distributor McLane is purchasing three BYD 8Y electric yard trucks and associated charging stations with the help of a $404,000 grant from the Colorado Clean Diesel Program. Compared to the diesel trucks currently serving the company’s Longmont facility, the BYD’s will save 27,000 gallons of fuel and reduce operating costs by at least $130,000 annually. Electric yard trucks typically pay for their higher up-front costs in three to four years, making them a very cost-effective way to reduce emissions.

Buckle up: Climate law to turbocharge sales of electric trucks and buses

Signed into law last month, the federal Inflation Reduction Act contains provisions that will help bring down the cost of medium- and heavy-duty electric trucks. Buyers will be able to claim a 30% tax credit up to $40,000 per vehicle, plus up to $100,000 for charging stations. The law also provides $1 billion in grants for clean school buses and garbage trucks, as well as $3 billion in grants to reduce air pollution at ports that could help boost heavy-duty EV adoption. Read more…

Proposed regulation will transform California (and possibly Colorado) fleets

In what’s being described as a “regulatory hurricane,” the California Air Resources Board is close to finalizing what will likely be the most consequential environmental regulation in the state’s history. The Advanced Clean Fleets regulation is set to transform California’s medium- and heavy-duty diesel fleets to zero-emissions vehicles in less than 20 years. Will Colorado follow California’s lead? It’s too soon to say, but Colorado is one of 15 states that have signed on in support of California’s earlier Advanced Clean Trucks rule.

State ag loans available for electric equipment

The Colorado Department of Agriculture has selected First Southwest Bank as lender for the new $30 million Colorado Agricultural Future Loan Program. While the Colorado Clean Diesel Program makes grants of up to 45% for electric tractors, a loan from the state program can be used to finance the balance at 4% fixed. More info…


Watch this video and get pumped up about going electric

Are electric trucks for real, really? This 3-minute video is pretty persuasive! It was produced by Advanced Energy Economy to advocate for the Advanced Clean Trucks rule.

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