CLEER helps our region tackle climate change while building a stronger, more diversified economy and a more resilient energy system.



Our work focuses on four areas:


Colorado has set a goal of 100% renewable energy by 2040, but achieving this goal will require the participation of many partners around the state. CLEER provides technical assistance to help governments, schools, businesses and households harness renewable energy. We are currently coordinating a three-county solar and storage master planning effort to help our region maximize local production and to use renewables to diversify the regional economy, grow local jobs and increase resilience.


CLEER helped develop what is now ReCharge Colorado, a statewide transportation electrification program, and is now designing and managing another statewide program to help reduce diesel emissions. We help consumers, fleet managers and transit agencies in 14 counties switch to electric vehicles and provides technical assistance to increase the availability of EV charging infrastructure. We also champion walking, bicycling and transit through regional programs.


A key pillar of the clean energy economy, resource efficiency reduces emissions, creates jobs and puts money back into the pockets of struggling households and businesses. CLEER developed Garfield Clean Energy’s programs to make it easy for a rural region to tap resource efficiency. Our staff target major energy-saving opportunities in public buildings, facilities and industrial operations, and are raising the bar on new construction by working with municipalities to update building energy codes and by offering professional trainings.


CLEER advocates and builds the political will for stronger, better climate and energy policies. It informs, assists, inspires and challenges local decision-makers to push the envelope on clean energy and energy-saving policies and initiatives. And as a leader in rural energy policy in Colorado, CLEER plays a strong role in influencing state priorities and funding. Our role is to catalyze change by promoting policies that embrace clean energy as a powerful form of rural economic development. Getting these “rules of the game” right smooths the way for all the other work we do.